St Catharines Pet Boarding Alternative

We offer a St Catharines Pet Boarding alternative for the benefit of your pets.

Boarding your pet in a kennel can be inconvenient for you, stressful for your dog or cat, and potentially unhealthy as well.

Why not consider keeping your pet(s) at home under the care of All Niagara Pet Sitting? Consider this:

The Inconvenience of Kennels:

  • You have to drive to and from the kennel at the start and end of your trip.
  • You have to go on the kennels hours.

With a pet sitter your pet stays at home, and you can come and go as it suits you. This is much less stressful for you and your pet(s).


Kennels are Stressful

  • The atmosphere in a kennel can be very stressful for a dog or cat
  • The relatively small cages are nowhere near the comforts of home for your pet

Hiring All Niagara Pet Sitting ensures that your pet stays home in the environment it is used to. And you have the added bonus of knowing that the house is more secure with a pet sitter visiting regularly.


Health Concerns With Kennels

  • Potential transferable diseases
  • Potential exposure to fleas

If your pet stays at home it will not be exposed to other animals and the potential for fleas and disease.


More Advantages of A Pet Sitter Over Boarding

  • Routines stay the same
  • No cages (other than what might be familiar)
  • Individual Attention
  • Your home is checked on
  • No need to impose pet care on your friends, neighbours or family
  • Your pets will love you for using All Niagara Pet Sitting

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