St Catharines Dog Walking

We want to share some St Catharines Dog Walking places with you. We know that sometimes people just get into a rut where walking the dog is boring or a hassle. If that's the case, you should try to mix it up by trying different places to see if that helps any.

Maggy on the bridge to Port

If you try a few of the places listed here, and still are feeling uninspired to walk your dog, then you need All Niagara Pet Sitting. The same can be said if you are pressed for time because of your career, family life, or other challenges.

Great Places for St Catharines Dog Walking

These are some spots you can check out with your dogs to change things up a little.

Along The Welland Canal
There are many places to park a car all along the canal and you can walk as far as you like. This is a very popular place for walking dogs in St Catharines.

See more at Welland Canal Dog Walk

Port Dalhousie
Port Dalhousie offers the harbour, Lakeside park, the pier, Rennie park and more great places to walk with your dog.

Jaycee Gardens
One of St Catharines most beautiful, but overlooked parks. It is located at 543 Ontario St. and connects at the back to Rennie park in Port Dalhousie via a beautiful bridge. See some pictures here: Jaycee Park St Catharines

Malcolmsen Park
Malcolmsen park is located at 325 Lakeshore Rd. on the corner of Lakeshore Road and Niagara Street. It has many walking trails

Rotary Park Located on Pelham Road near Vansickle. See pictures at Rotary Park

Burgoyne Woods
Located at 70 Edgedale Rd. This is a big park with lots of mature trees and plenty of room to walk. There is also a dog park at Burgoyne.

Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary
Located at 650 Read Rd. in the Port Weller area of St Catharines.

Green Ribbon Trail
This is a short, scenic trail, dedicated to all missing children. A key motivation behind it was the community trying to deal with the loss of Kristin French. See more at Green Ribbon Trail

Centennial Gardens
The park was opened in 1967 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada. It is a beautiful spot, but unfortunately it is sometimes frequented by people who are "up to no good". It is located at 321 Oakdale Ave and should be checked out at daytime for sure.

Mountain Locks Park
located at 107 Merritt St. at Bradley and Mountain streets

Port Weller East Park
Located at 91 Broadway Ave.

12 Mile Creek Park
68 St. Paul Cres. at St. Paul Crescent and Glendale Avenue. This park runs along parts of the First and Second Welland Canals

Walkers Creek
A great trail following Walkers Creek in North St Catharines. You can find it in several locations. The official address is 142A Parnell Rd. but it runs between Linwell Road and past Lakeshore Road

George Nicholson Trail
Located in the Port Weller area, starting near the end of Broadway.

What's Your Favourite Spot For St Catharines Dog Walking?

Please tell us your favourite place for St Catharines Dog Walking. Feel free to share some pictures:

Have A Great Spot to Go For a Walk

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