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We want to be your St Catharines Dog Walker!

If you live in St Catharines or in the Niagara Region, and have a dog that doesn't get walked enough (at least 20 minutes per day). Then you need our dog walking service.

We serve clients in St David's, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, all over St Catharines, in the Lincoln area (Beamsville, Jordan, Vineland), Thorold and everywhere in between.

Our dog walks are private, which means it is just the dog walker and your dog(s). We come at a pre scheduled time, as many days a week as you need us. Our walks are 25-30 minutes, right in your neighbourhood. On the very hot and very cold days, we cut the time down (or skip it in extreme cases). On those days we can still come by and do a let out and offer some indoor companionship.

St Catharines Dog Walker- All Niagara Pet Sitting
Photo of Marcia with Lexus, Maggy & Brody courtesy of MR A Photography

Dog Walking Rates

Our current rates start at $15 per walk.

Interested in hiring us as your St Catharines Dog Walker? Please Contact us here to arrange a free Meet & Greet.

Spots to Walk Your Dog

Most walks are done right in your neighbourhood, but we can take your dog(s) to different areas if you prefer. We have listed some of our favourite spots to walk here: St Catharines Dog Walking. If you don't walk your dog enough simply because you're in a rut and bored of it, try some of those spots for yourself. If that doesn't work, then give us a call or use our contact form (use the contact tab on the menu bar on the left side of this page).

Reasons to Walk Your Dog

Like people, dogs can lose motivation to exercise. So even if you have a big yard, your dog might just lie in a shady spot. They generally only run and play if something motivates them. A regular walk will promote better health and probably less trips to the vet.

Dogs that get regular walks are better behaved. Getting at least one walk per day of 20 - 30 minutes should help your dog to be better behaved. The walk gives the dog physical exercise and mental stimulation.

More on the reasons to walk your dog at Importance of Dog Walking

A Little Bit About Us

All Niagara Pet Sitting is owned and operated by Marcia Belchior. Marcia has worked in the pet industry for over ten years now and finally decided to realize her dream of starting a pet business in 2011. During the busiest times, or if Marcia is going away (even dog walkers take vacation!), Marcia has a trustworthy, mature, sub-contractor (another local dog walker).

You might like to know that we are Pet First Aid Certified, and Insured too. We are very careful with your pets, but are prepared for the event that something goes wrong.

For more information: About - St Catharines Dog Walker and more

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Thanks for considering us as your St Catharines Dog Walker.

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