St Catharines Cat Sitting

Yes, St Catharines Cat Sitting is available through All Niagara Pet Sitting. In fact, it is one of the most frequently used services we offer. We love taking care of cats when their owners are too busy or out of town. We would love to take care of yours as well! And yes we take clients from neighbouring cities too.

One of the best features of using a cat sitter is that your cats are safe and secure in their own home, and your home is being visited which helps it stay secure too.

Our cat sitting service can be tailored to your needs and budget. Most people have us come in once a day for a half hour. We check on the food and water, change the litter, and play with your cat. Some owners like us to come every other day and just check in to make sure that the cats have food and water as well as a clean litter box. Others want us there a couple times each day to take care of the basics but also to provide extra personal and loving attention. We are careful to follow your usual routines as closely as possible and understand that every cat has it's own rules.

No matter what amount of time you want us there for, we will always spend at least a bit of time cuddling with or playing with your fur kids. We just can't resist spending a bit of time with our furry friends.

Another great reason to use a cat sitter is not having to beg family, friends and neighbours to do it for you. With a professional pet sitter you get someone who genuinely loves cats, is insured, pet first aid certified and recommended by other happy clients.

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