Jaycee Park St Catharines - A Great Place for Dog Walking

Jaycee Park in St Catharines is a wonderful place to visit with your dog. It is one of our favourite dog walking locations. On our most recent walk there we took a few pictures to share with you and anyone interested in finding great places to take their dogs. Or great places for their dog walker to take their dogs.

Our dogs, Maggy, and Brody enjoyed our recent walk in this lovely park. Brody sat still to be photographed, but his work ethic prevents him from looking in one direction for too long!

He's always afraid he might miss something that needs rounding up, from a squirrel to a skateboarder. That's why he's not looking in this picture and most of his other pictures on our website ...

Jaycee Park in St Catharines - All Niagara Pet Sitting

This park has always been a favourite to visit. Marcia Belchior, the owner of All Niagara Pet Sitting, had her wedding photo's done here more than ten years ago. Perhaps one day we'll put one up on the site (if you think Marcia looks young now, imagine her ten years ago!). There are many wonderful aspects to this park: beautiful gardens; mature trees; convenient location on Ontario Street in St Catharines; historical remnants of the old Welland Canal; a children's playground, and a scenic bridge to Port Dalhousie. Visit once and we're sure you'll agree that this is one of the best St Catharines Dog Walking places

A Few Pictures From Jaycee Park and The Bridge to Port Dalhousie

Here are just a few quick pictures we snapped on our last walk in the park. Keep in mind that we're dog walkers and pet sitters, not photographers!

The wall in the back is part of the old canal:The old welland canal locks at Jaycee park

The walkways are nice and smooth asphalt and there are plenty of gardens and treesWalk your dog at Jaycee park in St Catharines, Ontario

Maggy at St Catharines Jaycee park

At The Bridge to Port

Maggy on the bridge to Port

The bridge from Port to Jaycee park

View of the Henley Regatta in St Catharines

Brody watching rower from Port Dalhousie bridge

If you are looking for a new place to walk your dog, we highly recommend Jaycee Park. Please read about other great St Catharines Dog Walking locations including Jaycee Park

No time to walk your dog? Please visit our Services page to arrange St Catharines Dog Walking for the benefit of you and your dog.


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