The Importance of Dog Walking

Understanding The Importance of Dog Walking

Walking your dog is an essential part of a healthly lifestyle for you and your dog. It provides physical and mental benefits for you both. And walking your dog can also be a great way to reinforce existing training methods and establish new ones as well.

Many dog owners assume that letting the dog out in the yard will allow the pet to get exercise. While it is true that your dog might get some exercise on its own in the yard, it's usually not enough. And the exercise is usually short burst of barking, digging where he should not dig, and getting into other mischief. If you have two dogs they might play with each other a bit, but even that's not enough. Dogs look to you, their "pack leader", to be a good role model and get them moving. And you know it's good for both of you.

Sometimes people think that it is only important to walk young and energetic dogs. While it helps to control the energy level of younger dogs, it is also very beneficial to older dogs as well. With a regular walk, older dogs may not be motivated to exercise in the yard. A regular walk keeps an older dog healthy for a longer time period.

Aside from the physical health benefits to your dog, there are also real positive mental health benefits as well. Having your dog on leash, and in control at your side, is a good training tool. It reinforces to your dog that you are the leader and teaches it to listen to you. Many experts report that this is good for the dog's mental health and subsequently its behaviour.

If you are finding walking your dog a little boring, maybe you are just in a rut and need to try somewhere new. If that is the case, try one of these St Catharines Dog Walking locations.

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