Green Ribbon Trail

The Green Ribbon Trail is a great place to visit most of the year. It is set in a beautiful area along Martindale Road near the Henley.

The trail is paved and accessible from a parking lot on Martindale road North of the QEW. It is not a long trail, but it's good for a 15 - 20 minute stroll in a nice setting. The trail runs through to Third street.

St Catharines Green ribon Trail

The picture above was taken in fall 2011. As you can see it is very pretty.

The trail is set between water that connects to the Henley.

The pond at St Catharines Green Ribbon Trail

Along with the water, trees and trail, you have a good chance of seeing birds, turtles getting sun and maybe even a heron. I saw one on a recent walk recently which you will see in the last picture.

The pond at the Green Ribbon trail

Heron at Green Ribbon Trail

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