About All Niagara Pet Sitting

All Niagara Pet Sitting is the place to go when you need a dog walker, pet sitter, house sitter or a contact in the pet care industry.

We live and breath pets and will take care of your cats and dogs with a professional and caring approach. We understand that your pets are a key part of your family. We take great pride in ensuring that our services make your pets’ daily lives better. And we know that by doing that we make your life a lot easier too.

What You Need To Know About All Niagara Pet Sitting:

We are:

Pet Fanatics

We live and breathe the pet industry. We read the magazines, attend the events, go to the conferences, talk to the experts, and, obviously, spend a lot of time with pets.

Insured with Canadian Pet Pro, Underwritten by Sovereign General Insurance Company

This means we have insurance coverage specifically designed for the Canadian Pet Sitting Industry. This includes liability coverage, employee bonding, and other important coverage’s.

A Member of Professional United Pet Sitters

As a Member of Professional United Pet Sitters we can keep up to date on industry best practices and stay in good contact with other professionals in the industry.

Pet First Aid Certified

Your pet’s health is important to us. We are certified through St John’s Ambulance Pet First Aid program. We keep up to date on our first aid for the unlikely event that your pet gets sick or injured while in our care. Any employee of All Niagara Pet Sitting will be Pet First Aid Certified as a condition of employment. Please note that we ask for your veterinarian’s contact information on file.

Pet Care Worker Certificate From Niagara College

All Niagara Pet Sitting’s owner started in the pet industry over ten years ago by taking this course. We look for employees with similar or better credentials.

Work Experience in a Kennel

Our owner worked in a kennel for awhile. It was here that she realized it would be better to offer overnight pet sitting in the pets home. It’s way better for the pet, and for the pets owner too. The experience working with pets was good.

Work Experience In a Dog Day Care

Our owner also worked in a doggie daycare here in Niagara. Demand wasn’t high, and unfortunately it closed. There are pros and cons to using a dog daycare versus a pet sitter. Having a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker is less stressful for most pets when compared to a Dog Daycare. The experience working with pets was good.

Active in The Community

We are proud to be active in the community. It builds our skills, builds our network, and gives something back at the same time. Here’s a sample of what we do:

  • Volunteer dog handler for St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program
  • Volunteer at Niagara Falls Humane Society (Niagara Square)
  • Member of Women in Niagara
  • Financial Supporter of the St. Catharines Animal Assistance Society
  • Volunteer and Financial Supporter of the National Service Dogs
  • Participant in Surf Dogs
  • Participant in Dog Agility
  • Former member of St Catharines kennel Club

Pet Product Knowledge

Our owner, Marcia Belchior, has 8 years experience in a national retail pet store with two years as manager. She has also attended the HH Backer Annual Pet Industry Trade Show & Educational Conference in Chicago and the PIJAC show in Toronto. These experiences give clients of All Niagara Pet Sitting access to good advice about pet products.

Contacts In The Pet Industry

Need a pet professional? All Niagara Pet Sitting has contacts with countless pet professionals. We know groomers, veterinarians, trainers, and so many others in the industry. We’ll help you find what you need. Check out our resources page for details.

In This Business For The Long Run

We are not a kids looking to make extra spending money. And we are not doing this part time. This is a full time venture that has had a lot invested in it. All Niagara Pet Sitting is a full time career for our owner, Marcia Belchior. Marcia has surrounded herself with a diverse group of skilled people and is following a plan to make the business a long term success.

We Serve

St Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Vineland, Beamsville and the surrounding areas of Niagara Region

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Our Services Include:

  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Home Sitting
  • Cat/Dog Visits
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